О Нас / About Us

«Alpaca» - Независимое московское издательство. Мы выпускаем то, что сами хотим почитать.

16 сентября 2020 года вышла наша первая работа - «Мистер Хиггинс возвращается домой». С тех пор мы выпустили почти сотню комиксов, к ним еще столько же лимитированных обложек, нашу первую книгу, а также артбук!

Наша цель - дать читателю альтернативу. Даже Марвел у нас необычный, чего только стоит флагман издательства - Лунный Рыцарь! У нас вы найдете комиксы на любой вкус: зарубежные и отечественные, детские и взрослые, огромный формат и карманный, ужасы и приключения. Но самое главное - все эти произведения классные и мы их любим.

Alpaca is an independent publishing house from Moscow. We’ve started our journey with a comic books store on Arbat street, in the historic district of the city. Back then we just wanted to sell graphic novels for every taste, were constantly expanding our assortment and trying to give our readers a wide range of options to choose from. But wasn’t enough for us…

For our second birthday we announced the establishment of our own publishing by the name Alpaca. On September 16th, 2020 we’ve issued our first work – “Mr. Higgins Comes Home”, by the great author Mike Mignola and the remarkable illustrator Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Since then we’ve published almost a hundred comics, our first book and even an artbook!

Our goal is to give our readers a choice. Even our Marvel is unusual with Moon Knight as a flagship character. We have comic books for every taste: foreign and local, for children and for grown-ups, huge format and pocket size, horror and adventures. But the most important thing is that all of them are great and we truly love them.

Now we’re putting most of our resources into local projects, publishing graphic novels by the best authors of Russian comics industry (Akishin, Voronin, Lavrentieva and others) and creating new stars. Among our works one can find historic novels by the greatest artists, bold statements and world class alternative… And all of that is just a start!

Our leading direction is BD comics of European format – large albums with selected stories and splendid illustrations. We also create graphic adaptations of the main Russian fantasy authors’ novels such as Nick Perumov’s “The Ring of Darkness” and Alexey Pekhov’s “Siala Chronicles”.

We’re always open to suggestions and cooperation!